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Elevate Blog: What Do We Need To Do To Elevate Maryland?

March 4, 2019
By Elizabeth Mason Moses
Elevate Maryland. It’s a catchy name for a podcast. Simple, yet meaningful, and it provides for a variety of varyingly playful puns. Don’t believe me? Just ask any one of their Elevators (friends and supporters of the podcast). Merriam-Webster defines the word “elevate” as such: “to lift up or make higher”; “to raise in rank or status”; “to improve morally, intellectually, or culturally”; and finally, “to raise the spirits of.”
This post is surely retrospective, looking back over the many inspiring answers to the final question posed to Elevate Maryland guests, “What do we all need to do to Elevate Maryland?” But the true aim of this post, like that of the question itself, is to look forward. Forward and upward. Elevation.

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Episode 52: With BOE Members Sabina Taj & Mavis Ellis

This week, Tom and Candace sit down with Howard County Board of Education members Sabina Taj and Mavis Ellis.  Both are history-makers in their own right, Ms. Taj being the first asian woman elected to the Board and Ms. Ellis the first African-American chairperson.  Tune in to hear about Black Lives Matter week in schools, diversity in leadership, and the budget-making process.

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Episode 51: With HoCo Police Chief Myers & Fire Chief Uhlhorn

In the second episode in their “History Makers” series, Tom and Candace sit down with Howard County Police Chief Lisa Myers and Fire Chief Christine Uhlhorn to discuss their vision and how they balance the revolutionary nature of their appointments with departments that rely on stability and predictability.

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Episode 50: With District 3 County Council Member Christiana Rigby

Tom and Candace sit down with Howard County Council Chair Christiana Mercer Rigby to discuss equity, inclusion, and her endorsement for President (hint: she agrees with the Council-member from District 2).

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Episode 49: With District 2 County Council Member Opel Jones

Tom and Candace sit down with newly elected County Council Member Opel Jones to discuss his first month in office, school redistricting, budget priorities, and what it looks like when everyone elected to the council is new.

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Episode 48: Candace and Tom’s Year in Review

This week, Candace and Tom got together for a very special brunch edition of the podcast to discuss the ups and downs of 2018.  From hate speech to norm shifting to finding common ground, this is a podcast with a little bit of everything.

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Episode 47: With Former Baltimore County Executive Don Mohler

This week, Tom and guest host Andrew Kanicki sit down with former Baltimore County Executive Don Mohler to discuss his fascinating seven months in office following the sudden death of his longtime friend and boss Kevin Kamenetz.  Mr. Mohler is one of the most respected people in Maryland politics and after listening to this episode, you’ll know why!  Thank you, again, to Lupa in Columbia, Maryland for hosting!

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Episode 46: Maryland ACLU Executive Director Dana Vickers Shelley

This week, Candace and Tom sit down with the Executive Director of the Maryland chapter of the ACLU to discuss the present day challenges to our civil rights, the difference between comfort and work, and our personal role in making more inclusive communities.  Thank you again to Columbia’s Lupa for hosting!
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Episode 45: Howard County History Makers Calvin Ball, Rich Gibson, and Marcus Harris

This week, Candace and Tom sit down with a trio of Howard County history makers.  Howard County’s first African-American County Executive Calvin Ball, first African-American State’s Attorney Rich Gibson, and first African-American Sheriff Marcus Harris.
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Episode 44: ProPublica Reporter Alec MacGillis

This week, Candace and Tom sit with author and award-winning journalist Alec MacGillis to discuss the darker side of Amazon HQ2, the widening gap between rich and poor cities, and the days when Howard County had 24 reporters covering the local beat.

Thank you La Palapa Grill and Cantina in Old Ellicott City for hosting!

Episode 43: Bryan Sears of the Daily Record

In the aftermath of the 2018 general election, Candace and guest host Ian Kennedy (making his second appearance) discuss election results with the Daily Record’s Bryan Sears, and reflect on the size of the blue wave that descended on Howard County and the state.

Shout out to Columbia’s Lupa for hosting!
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Episode 42: Alice Giles of League of Women Voters of Howard County

In this episode, Tom and Alice Giles of the League of Women Voters of Howard County take an in-depth look at the many races on this year’s ballot.  You can find many more LWVHC resources below.

Thanks to Panera Bread in Columbia.
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Episode 41: Maryland Matters’ Josh Kurtz

Tom and Candace are live and “Facebook live” as they talk all things Maryland politics with Josh Kurtz, co-founder and editor of Maryland Matters, the premier site for news about Maryland government and politics.

Thank you Simon Cortes and La Palapa Grill and Cantina in Old Ellicott City for hosting, and to our sponsors Kyle Reis and Julia Jackson McCready!
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Episode 40: Maryland Pollster Mileah Kromer

In this second of many live shows to come, Tom and Candace interview Maryland pollster, Dr. Mileah Kromer, about the importance of elections at the local, state and federal level. Dr. Kromer is associate professor of political science and the director of the Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center at Goucher College.

Thank you to Cured/18th & 21st for hosting!
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Episode 39: Maryland Delegate Brooke Lierman

Candace and Tom host their first live show at the Baltimore Podcast Festival. They interview District 46 Delegate Brooke Lierman, who represents a diverse section of Baltimore’s waterfront. They talk public education and hear why she is as optimistic as ever about Baltimore’s future.

Thanks to the festival organizers and The Crown lounge, bar and restaurant for their hospitality this week!
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Episode 37: HCMC President Ainy Haider-Shah

In this episode, we sit with Ainy Haider-Shah to discuss the work of the Howard County Muslim Council. Ms. Haider-Shah is the first woman ever to serve as president of HCMC.

Thanks to Joe’s Place Deli for their always warm and friendly hospitality!
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Episode 36: Walter Olson of the Maryland Redistricting Reform Commission

Tom and Candace talk redistricting with Walter K. Olson, senior fellow of the Cato Institute and co-chair of the Maryland Redistricting Reform Commission.

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