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Episode 139: Making Baltimore Synonymous with “Equitech” with UpSurge CEO Jamie McDonald

UpSurge was founded to make Baltimore the first “Equitech” city in the world. This effort is premised on the idea that Maryland’s tech ecosystem is primed for exponential growth with the incorporation of Baltimore’s diverse workforce. In this episode, Jamie describes UpSurge’s methodology of bringing people into the tech sector who have been boxed out by incumbent interests and insular markets.  Read More

Episode 138: The Need for An “Economic Fair Housing Act” with Richard Kahlenberg

We’re excited to have interviewed Richard Kahlenberg tonight – take a listen!  Read More

Episode 137: “Belonging Before Belief” – Prisms of the People with Hahrie Han

We live in a great time of cynicism and apathy as it relates to politics and political power. In this episode, Candace and Tom interview coauthor Hahrie Han about her new book Prisms of the People: Power and Organizing in Twenty-First-Century America. She describes how people mistake attention for power and how the key to effectuating political change is creating a sense of belonging amongst fellow activists. Han also notes that the art of political negotiation not only is critical between electeds, but also across advocacy groups. This is a must listen for anyone looking to create political change. Read More

Episode 136: Police Reform, Housing Justice, & the General Assembly with Del. Luke Clippinger & Del Vanessa Atterbeary

The 2021 General Assembly Session will be remembered for many things, but top among them is Maryland’s historic legislation on police reform. In this episode, Candace and Tom interview the co-chairs of the Maryland House Judiciary Committee, Delegate Luke Clippinger and Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary. They review the ups and downs of a unique COVID-impacted session and close, as always, with books, restaurants, and unpopular benign opinions. Read More

135: Brave Voices Brave Choices with Howard County Library CEO Tonya Aikens

CANDACE IS BACK for this can’t miss interview with Howard County Library System President and CEO Tonya Aikens. Tune in to hear about the focus shift from “Choose Civility” to “Brave Voices Brave Choices” and what that means for future library programming. This is an identity change for not only our library, but for all of Howard County. Read More

134: Why Single Family Detached Zoning Hurts Everyone w/ Vox’s Jerusalem Demsas

Vox’s Jerusalem Demsas has burst onto the scene as a thought-leader on housing policy across the country. We were fortunate enough to book her for an interview to discuss the disjointed politics of land use policy, the economic impacts of SFD zoning, and how President Biden’s new infrastructure plan may change all that.

Episode 133: ADUs in Annapolis with Alderman Brooks Schandelmeier and Kol Peterson

Surprise Pod! We didn’t get a chance to promote this one in advance, but it is a MUST listen. Alderman Brooks Schandelmeier has cosponsored legislation with Alderman DaJuan Gay to legalize and regulate Accessory Dwelling Units (or ADUs) in Annapolis. We invited Alderman Schandelmeier and ADU expert Kol Peterson to discuss the hottest topic in housing policy and what it means for Maryland. Read More

Episode 132: Get Excited for Brood X with Dr. Mike Raupp

This week, Ainy and Tom interview UMD Entomologist and nationally recognized cicada expert Dr. Mike Raupp. We discuss everything from the precautions you can take to protect new landscaping to the manner cicadas may be prepared (or plucked) for human consumption. This podcast is for all of those who don’t know want to make of the forthcoming cicada arrival. Dr. Raupp’s suggestion? Get excited. Read More

Episode 131: “Housing is Infrastructure” with Casey Anderson

This week, Tom and Ainy interview Montgomery County Planning Board Chair Casey Anderson to discuss Thrive Montgomery 2050, urbanism, and affordable housing. Read More

Episode 130: Leadership in Service with Erika Strauss Chavarria

Erika Strauss Chavarria is the founder of Columbia Community Care, a start up food and supply bank for those in need in Howard County. In twelve months, this organization has transformed from a start-up collecting in a parking lot to a service many residents rely on for their everyday needs. In this interview, we discuss the unserved needs of one of the richest counties in American. We also discuss Erika’s motivations to serve and the need for additional community support. Read More

Episode 129: Social Equity and Economic Justice with the Howard Progressive Project

This was such a great show. We are fortunate to have a group like Howard Progressive Project and this interview demonstrates why. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you will over the next 20 months as we all wade into the 2022 election cycle. Read More

Episode 128: Confronting White Supremacy in Howard County with Sherman Howell

In this episode, Candace and Tom sit down with Howard County icon Sherman Howell to discuss his advocacy for racial justice in Howard County. He explained how a young man from Tennessee became a leader in Columbia politics and how those experiences related to one another. Sherman is one of Howard County’s best and you definitely won’t want to miss this one.  Read More

Episode 127: ImpeachAPalooza with Baltimore Positive

Our ElectionPalooza crew has reassembled to discuss the future of America. Don Mohler and Nestor host Lucinda Ware, Tom Coale, Candace Dodson-Reed, Marc Steiner and Damian O’Doherty as we talk through the most turbulent week of our lifetime in this country. Read More

Episode 126: Teaching Through Crisis with MD History Teacher of the Year Matt Gresick

In this episode, Tom and Candace sit down with Maryland History Teacher of the Year Matt Gresick. This would be an interesting interview under normal times, but in the midst of a pandemic and days after the January 6th terrorist attack on the Capitol, this conversation took on a different dynamic. Matt explains how he manages political subjects in class and helps students examine complex social issues.
Read More

Episode 125: Annual Year in Review

Every year, Candace and Tom break down the year that was – the ups, downs, and in betweens. And, believe it or not, 2020 did have some highlights that deserve celebration while we mourn all that was lost.

Continuing Elevate’s annual tradition, Tom and Candace also close the show by answering their own Elevator Speech questions and provide goals for the year ahead. Read More

Episode 124: “HoCo’s Progressive SMOB” Zach Koung

This week, Candace and Tom interview the Howard County Student Member of the Board of Education Zach Koung.  They discuss whether students support having police in schools, how students are receiving remote education, and mental health.  Read More

Episode 123: “Authentic Advocacy” with JOTF’s Caryn York

Our shows are always just a little better when we have our friends on. We think that shows through in this interview with JOTF’s Executive Director Caryn York. Of greatest interest is how she describes how important authenticity is to her work, both in the “board room” and in the community.

Read More

Elevated Voices: A New Patriotism

I’ve been reading two books concurrently that have had an odd synthesis. The first is Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism by Anne Applebaum and the other is One Billion Americans: The Case for Thinking Bigger by this week’s guest Matthew Yglesias; both excellent books that I strongly recommend. Read More

Episode 121: “Optimism, Patriotism, and One Billion Americans” with Matthew Yglesias

What if the only way for the United States to maintain dominance as a world super-power in the 21st century would be to add 600 million people? That’s the premise of Matthew Yglesias’s new book One Billion Americans: The Case for Thinking Bigger. In this episode, Candace and Tom discuss this idea, the patriotism implicit in the conversation, and why Matt still has hope that America’s best days may be in front of us. We also discuss more local issues such as why building more housing is both important and, often, politically impossible.

Read More

Elevated Voices: ICE in Howard County

Howard County will be served up a contentious September with the filing of CB 51-2020, which has been characterized by some as “cancelling” Howard County’s contract with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”). This is a continuation of an ongoing political controversy for one of Maryland’s more liberal jurisdictions, which houses one of three detention centers used by ICE for undocumented immigrants in Maryland. Read More