“Elevate Maryland Podcast Amplifies Underrepresented Voices”

After three years, the show continues to build community through engaging conversations.

Amanda Loudin | March 19, 2020, 11:16 am, Baltimore Magazine, The Chatter

Co-hosts Tom Coale and Candace Dodson-Reed with Maryland State Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary. -Elevate Maryland Podcast

Perhaps one of the most controversial figures in Maryland politics at the moment is former Baltimore mayor Sheila Dixon. Read More

Episode 90: With Howard County Chief Innovation Officer Angela Cabellon

In November of 2018, County Executive Calvin Ball appointed Howard County’s first Chief Innovation Officer – Angela Cabellon. In this episode, Candace and Tom had the opportunity to sit down with Ms. Cabellon to discuss her new role, innovation grants, and the policy pillars that guide Howard County decision-making. Read More

Episode 89: “Baltimore Bold with City Council-Member Brandon Scott”

Baltimore City Council-member Brandon Scott was born and raised in Baltimore City.  He’s now running for Mayor to “break the status quo” and implement a new vision on crime, education, and support services.  Among the ideas Scott is considering is a Universal Basic Income for Baltimore City residents, which received great prominence during the Presidential Democratic Primary.  Read More

Episode 88: “Baltimore Anew with TJ Smith”

In this interview, Candace and Tom had a chance to hear TJ Smith Baltimore’s plan for addressing crime in Baltimore, healing community trauma, and repair Baltimore’s image nationwide. Recent polling shows this race in a statistical tie with less than two month to go. Read More

Episode 87: “A Night in Annapolis with Del. Vaughn Stewart & Del. Maggie McIntosh”

Housing is the humanitarian issue of our time. Delegate Vaughn Stewart has made national news with his “Homes for All” package, which offers a three-pronged approach to the housing crisis: zoning, public housing, and tenant’s rights. During this interview, he explains why the state needs to step in over local rule, how zoning perpetuates segregation, and why he sees a pressing need to act now. Read More

Episode 86: “From Professor to Politician with F. Michael Higginbotham”

On the eve of the Special Election Primary, Candace and Tom sit down with law professor F. Michael Higginbotham to hear his case for serving in the U.S. Congress. They discuss his policy prescriptions for Baltimore and racial justice as well as the fundamental question of whether elected official is accessible to all who want to run. Read More

Episode 85: “From Afghanistan to Annapolis with State Senator Will Smith”

Listening to Senator William C. Smith, Jr., you get the feeling that he’ll be playing a large role in Maryland’s political future for years to come. In this interview, Candace and Tom discuss the effort to make Maryland more progressive on matters of criminal justice, background checks for the purchase of firearms, and Senator Smith’s views on the Afghanistan Papers released by the Washington Post.
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Episode 84: “Campaigning Through Loss” With Maya Rockeymoore Cummings

This week, Candace and Tom sit down with Maya Rockeymoore-Cummings for Congress to discuss her campaign to replace her late husband, Congressman Elijah Cummings. She discusses her HOPE for Baltimore plan, the need for affordable prescription drugs, and addresses some of her more controversial moments as chair of the Maryland Democratic Party.

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Episode 83: “Putting a Doctor in the House” With Delegate Terri Hill

This week, Candace and Tom had the opportunity to welcome Terri Hill For Congress back to the show to discuss her campaign. This is a wide ranging interview covering everything from Title 1 drugs to Howard County redistricting. You won’t want to miss this! Read More

Episode 82: With HoCo Transportation Administrator Bruce Gartner

Transportation policy effects our daily life, yet rarely gets the attention it deserves.  In this episode, Candace and Tom sat down with Howard County Transportation Administrator Bruce Gartner to discuss the highways and byways of Howard County, a renewed emphasis on multimodal transportation, and how the local mass transit system is being made more approachable to attract new passengers. Read More

Episode 81: With Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and Saafir Raab

This week, Candace and Tom interview Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and candidate for Congress Saafir Rabb.  AG Ellison was the first Muslim elected to the United States Congress.  He flew to Maryland to endorse Saafir Rabb in his bid for Congress.  Tune in to hear why and how this relates to the ongoing struggles of Baltimore and the Seventh District. Read More

Episode 80: With Maryland State Senator Jill P. Carter

This week, Candace and Tom sit down with State Senator Jill Carter to discuss her run for Congress to represent the 7th District.  We cover her family’s passion for civil rights, her work to help Baltimore, and why Senator Carter sees herself as the “only progressive candidate” in the race.  We also address criticisms Senator Carter has received regarding the vote for same-sex marriage in 2011. Read More

Episode 79: With Delegate Shelly Hettleman

This week, Tom and special guest host Ian Kennedy interview Delegate Shelly Hettleman to discuss her campaign for the State Senate seat vacated by Bobby Zirkin.  Delegate Hettleman has represented Baltimore County’s District 11 since 2015.  During this interview, we discuss rape kit legislation, Kirwan, and proposed legislation to create “overdose protection sites” for monitored use of previously purchased drugs. Read More

It’s the end of the year, and well, 2019 was … something!

It’s the end of the year, and well, 2019 was … something!

As with all years, there were ups and downs, highlights and lowlights, and a bunch of in between.

We hosted 30 podcasts, wrote 13 blog posts, grew our team, created numerous new partners and friends, set up shop at Clarksville Commons for much of the year, hosted a show at Merriweather Post Pavilion, and then found a permanent home in the Merriweather District, garnered new Sponsors, and based on our stats this year, gained many new Elevators! Read More

Episode 78 – 2019 Year in Review: With Candace Dodson Reed & Tom Coale

Year In Review IS UP! 2019 was … something! As with all years, there were ups and downs, highlights and lowlights, and a bunch of in between. In this episode, Candace and Tom discuss redistricting, County Council dynamics, changing leadership in Annapolis, and why Baltimore City’s farm team is ahead of the Baltimore Orioles. Read More

Episode 77: With Kweisi Mfume

Don’t miss this interview with former congressman Kweisi Mfume as he discusses his campaign to return to the U.S. Congress. Mr. Mfume represented Maryland’s Seventh District from 1987 to 1996. We discuss how the Democratic Party has changed since that time as well as how the needs of the Seventh District may have stayed the same. If you want to make an informed choice in this February’s primary, this is a good place to start!

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Episode 76: With Columbia Artist in Residence Ram Devineni

Whether you’re into comic books or not, Priya and the Lost Girls should have your attention. From the Library of Congress: “Priya is a rape survivor who becomes a superhero who combats gender based sexual violence (GBV). This Indian comic utilizes augmented reality events and exhibits to engage both Indian and international readers. This comic was honored by UN Women as a Gender Equality Champion.” Read More

Episode 75: With Delegate Eric Luedtke

If you want to be able to talk Maryland politics over the next six months, you’re going to need to know something about the Kirwan Commission and the “Blueprint for Maryland’s Future”. We invited Delegate Eric Luedtke on the show to explain some of the lesser known elements of the bill and how the state may pay for such an ambitious plan.

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Episode 74: Equity in Education

This was an ambitious show, Elevators. On the eve of Howard County’s historic vote on school redistricting, we pulled in experts from across the region to discuss what we talk about when we talk about equity in education:

Dana Goldstein, New York Times Magazine
Michelle Burris, The Century Foundation
Alisa Drake, Wilde Lake High School Student

We hope this show sets the debate for the years ahead.

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Episode 73: With Howard Hughes Regional President Greg Fitchitt

This week, Candace and Tom sat down with Howard Hughes Regional President for Columbia Greg Fitchitt, who was kind enough to sub in after an unforeseen scheduling mishap with our original guest, Dr. Richard Warren.

This is a podcast for future-scapers.

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Episode 72: With Lawrence Lanahan

“I wasn’t interested in ‘beat the odds’ stories. I wanted to write about the odds.” – Lawrence Lanahan

This podcast will make you think about where you live, how you live, and the manner in which other people live differently. In his book The Lines Between Us, Lawrence Lanahan examines the legal boundaries that separate us from one another through the lives of those he profiles. This story includes Columbia, but, as Lawrence describes, not as the happy landing spot that some may imagine. Don’t miss this one.

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