Month: June 2021

Episode 139: Making Baltimore Synonymous with “Equitech” with UpSurge CEO Jamie McDonald

UpSurge was founded to make Baltimore the first “Equitech” city in the world. This effort is premised on the idea that Maryland’s tech ecosystem is primed for exponential growth with the incorporation of Baltimore’s diverse workforce. In this episode, Jamie describes UpSurge’s methodology of bringing people into the tech sector who have been boxed out by incumbent interests and insular markets.  Read More

Episode 138: The Need for An “Economic Fair Housing Act” with Richard Kahlenberg

We’re excited to have interviewed Richard Kahlenberg tonight – take a listen!  Read More

Episode 137: “Belonging Before Belief” – Prisms of the People with Hahrie Han

We live in a great time of cynicism and apathy as it relates to politics and political power. In this episode, Candace and Tom interview coauthor Hahrie Han about her new book Prisms of the People: Power and Organizing in Twenty-First-Century America. She describes how people mistake attention for power and how the key to effectuating political change is creating a sense of belonging amongst fellow activists. Han also notes that the art of political negotiation not only is critical between electeds, but also across advocacy groups. This is a must listen for anyone looking to create political change. Read More