Month: April 2021

134: Why Single Family Detached Zoning Hurts Everyone w/ Vox’s Jerusalem Demsas

Vox’s Jerusalem Demsas has burst onto the scene as a thought-leader on housing policy across the country. We were fortunate enough to book her for an interview to discuss the disjointed politics of land use policy, the economic impacts of SFD zoning, and how President Biden’s new infrastructure plan may change all that.

Episode 133: ADUs in Annapolis with Alderman Brooks Schandelmeier and Kol Peterson

Surprise Pod! We didn’t get a chance to promote this one in advance, but it is a MUST listen. Alderman Brooks Schandelmeier has cosponsored legislation with Alderman DaJuan Gay to legalize and regulate Accessory Dwelling Units (or ADUs) in Annapolis. We invited Alderman Schandelmeier and ADU expert Kol Peterson to discuss the hottest topic in housing policy and what it means for Maryland. Read More

Episode 132: Get Excited for Brood X with Dr. Mike Raupp

This week, Ainy and Tom interview UMD Entomologist and nationally recognized cicada expert Dr. Mike Raupp. We discuss everything from the precautions you can take to protect new landscaping to the manner cicadas may be prepared (or plucked) for human consumption. This podcast is for all of those who don’t know want to make of the forthcoming cicada arrival. Dr. Raupp’s suggestion? Get excited. Read More