Episode 120: “Behind the English Ivy” with Baltimore City Council-Member Ryan Dorsey

In this episode, Candace and Tom interview Baltimore City Council-member Ryan Dorsey about his views on Baltimore police, Kimberly Klacik’s city-wide attack ad, and renaming Baltimore’s Columbus obelisk. Ryan also touched on the criticisms of “single party rule” and why he thinks the emergence of another political party in Baltimore may be good for the city.

Still around for 3 things, which are not at the end of the show:

Howard County Executive Ball Creates position for Equity and Restorative Practices Manager
Leaving provacatuers empty handed – https://twitter.com/BerniceKing/status/1297587615135301632
Reminder that gestures and statements are fine but what are we doing to diversify boards and commissions and leadership in orgs.


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