Elevated Voices, July 12, 2020

This was the first week in MONTHS that we haven’t had a show! We pick things back up again this Thursday, July 16th, with Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership Executive Director Adria Crutchfield! Things have been a little spicy in local politics, so this will probably be a “3 Things” you won’t want to miss!



‘I Don’t Want to Go Back’: Many Teachers Are Fearful and Angry Over Pressure to Return (NYTimes) “Teachers say crucial questions about how schools will stay clean, keep students physically distanced and prevent further spread of the virus have not been answered.”

The Last Reporter in Town Had One Big Question for His Rich Boss (NYTimes) – Pulitzer-worthy coverage of Alden Capital’s practice of buying local newspapers and sucking them dry. Alden owns a third of The Tribune Company, which owns The Baltimore Sun.

Newspaper acquisitions may not seem to make much business sense, given that readership and advertising have been declining for decades. But vultures feast on remnants.

First, there is the real estate that can be sold off, such as the 25,000-square-foot Mercury building. Then there is the profit realized by shrinking expenses — including the staff and news coverage — while still collecting the advertising and subscription revenue.

“The truth is, to make a huge profit in the newspaper business, you have to cut, cut, cut, and be willing to see the product get worse year by year,” Mr. Doctor said. “They’ll have a number, and they will cut whatever they have to — to meet that number.”

Protests: A Racial Reckoning in Suburbia (NRDC – Dan Reed)



Columbia Association files lawsuit to halt annual Symphony of Lights event, citing violation of access rights (Baltimore Sun – Ana Faguy)

“While the hospital is not a party in the lawsuit filed by the Columbia Association and Inner Arbor Trust, we believe Symphony of Lights should continue for the benefit of the community and the hospital,” Howard County General Hospital President Steve Snelgrove said in a statement.

“Though we no longer operate the event, Howard County General Hospital does financially benefit from the event. The hospital needs financial support from our community now more than ever, as we combat the COVID-19 pandemic and respond to the evolving needs of our patients and caregivers.”

Howard County school board pushes back start of academic year by two weeks, mulls fall reopening plan (Baltimore Sun – Jacob Calvin Meyer)

Hall of Shame – July 10, 2020 (HoCo Progress Report) – response to a Howard County Board of Education member’s call to return to classroom instruction in the Fall.

This Week’s Birthdays:

  • July 16th – Carolyn Lunking, Jason Jannati, Barbara Lawson, Olivia Doherty, Kyri Greenleaf-Jacobs
  • July 17th – William Cochran
  • July 18th – Tyler Kreis, Geoffrey Baker

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