Elevated Voices, July 5, 2020

Maryland NAACP Youth President Isaac Allen

This week, Candace and Tom interview Maryland NAACP Youth President, and Reservoir High School student, Isaac Allen about how the youth are responding to and participating in the Black Lives Matter movement. He discusses what inspired him to become more involved and how we should talk about race. We were excited to have another inspiring young leader on the show and are sure you’ll enjoy this one!

Listen HERE.



Pardoned by Trump, Lorance was called a hero. His troops call themselves the ‘cursed platoon.’ (Washington Post)

Trumpism, not polarization, drives America’s disastrous coronavirus politics (Vox)


Montgomery County’s public schools are still segregated. It’s time to fix that. (Washington Post) – Editorial written by the current and immediate past student members of the Montgomery Board of Education

New video disputes circumstances around an assault on a Baltimore police officer that went viral after being caught on tape (Baltimore Sun – Justin Fenton)


Columbia Association files legal action to shut down Symphony of Lights Vehicle Parade (The Merriweather Post)

A Rough Year for the Big Day (Village Green/Town Squared)

This Week’s Birthdays:

  • July 6th – Frank Turner, Jolie Gelman Weinberg
  • July 7th – James Handley, Katie DiSalvo-Thronson, Rusty Toler, Bob Moon
  • July 8th – Jim Malone
  • July 9th – Del Karfonta
  • July 10th – Jess Duvall, Becky Mangus, Al Romack
  • July 11th – Darin Atwater
  • July 12th – Jean Moon, Rachel Marriner Mull

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