Elevated Voices, June 28, 2020

Cartoonists Are Sheepdogs” with Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher

Join Candace and Tom for this fun, engaging, and illuminating conversation with award-winning cartoonist and political satirist Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher.  Kal’s cartoons have been featured in over 100 publications, but has been a prominent fixture in The Economist and The Baltimore Sun for years. He discusses “the line” that cartoonists walk, and sometimes cross, when engaging their audience via the medium of political cartoons. Kal also addresses the means by which political satire can bring us together in an age of political division.

Three Things:

1) Advocate for Affordable Housing (Shout out to HoCo Progress Report)

2) Racial Equity Task Force in Howard County

3) Renaming Schools

Listen HERE.

Exploring the Edu-Tech Divide with Gigi Sohn

In this episode, Candace and Tom talk with technology and communications expert Gigi Sohn about how the need for universal access to broadband internet has never been greater. We also address the consequences of continuing a “have and have not” market for internet access as more of our educational system goes online.

Three Things to Act On:

1) Support businesses you love;

2) Diversity of Board Leadership

3) Change (or get rid of) the Maryland State Song

Listen HERE.



Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops, Intelligence Says (NY Times)


Only A Mile And A Big World Separated Us: An All-American Story Of Two Boys From The East Side Of Baltimore. (Huffington Post)

It’s not at all remarkable that Hersl didn’t change, because he never had to be held accountable. America didn’t give me any tools to change, and it didn’t give Daniel Hersl any reason to change. But instead of addressing these problems, it treats us both as exceptions, rewarding me and locking him away, so that it can forget about these particular East Baltimore boys and let the game go on.

Report Shows School Suspension and Arrest Rates Remain Highest for Black Students (Maryland Matters)

“The data is absolutely, unbelievably disproportionate for our Black and Brown children,” Salmon said. She later described the results as “horrendous.”

Co-founder of ReOpen Maryland says he has COVID-19, but won’t help contact tracing efforts (Capital Gazette)


HoCo for All @AllHoco

What is on our mind-

June 28th 2020

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Not In My Backyard (HoCo Progress Report)

Many of us – including many who identify as progressives – claim to want more affordable housing in order to better integrate our communities and provide housing opportunities to people who work in Howard County’s lower-paying professions. That housing has to go somewhere. But when the rubber finally meets the unused, worthless county road, all of a sudden we exclaim ‘We’ve got enough homes here, you greedy developers! We want gazpacho instead!’ It’s fine for us to live here, but no one else can.

He Came From Out of Town (Village Green/Town Squared)

Just as the Re-Open Howard folks tried to distance themselves from racist signs at their rally, they may try to do the same with Tim Walters. Don’t let them. He’s their guy. If any of them try to convince you in the future that they have a place in local leadership, well, you know better. When others in Howard County were donating time and money and food for those who were struggling, Re-Open Howard County openly mocked medical science, county government, and community spirit. Right on Main Street.

This Week’s Birthdays:

  • June 29th – Evan Brown
  • June 30th – Clemis Kaikis
  • July 1st – David Lublin, Richard McCready
  • July 2nd – Andy Liberman, Pat Murray, Bob Fontaine
  • July 3rd – Jenny Solpietro, Amy Gowan, Vanessa Rodriguez, Jake Day
  • July 5th – Chiara D’Amore, Natalie Ziegler, Lori Conforti

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