Elevated Voices, May 31, 2020

A curated list of Maryland’s best political coverage and commentary

Elevate Maryland Podcast @PodcastElevate
We stand against racism and hate. And against the horrific killing of black men and women that continues to permeate our society & seems to be a part of the culture of our country. We must do better. Thank you to all who continue to speak up in solidarity. It’s time to act.

May 29th 2020

Elevate Maryland Podcast @PodcastElevate
Time to work against the systemic racism that has gotten us to this place. Let’s look at policies, procedures, “rules”, decisions, initiatives, etc. In education, housing, health, etc. Now. Present solutions.

Elevate Maryland with Leah Daughtry



75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice (Medium)

For Schools, the List of Obstacles Grows and Grows (The Atlantic)

Officials blame outsiders for violence in Minnesota but contradict one another on who is responsible (Washington Post)

No, you’re not ‘lucky’ to dodge the coronavirus. Our rigged society shields you. (Washington Post)


Pamela Wood☀️ @pwoodreporter

Protesters got a lieutenant to read the names of police brutality victims.

May 30th 2020

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Hundreds protest peacefully for hours in Baltimore as tensions grow after dark over the death of George Floyd (Baltimore Sun)

Baltimore Sun editorial board: Brandon Scott for mayor | COMMENTARY


Howard County Council approves fiscal 2021 budgets, signs off on spending cuts (Howard County Times)

Austerity or Bust (HoCo Progress Report) – an analysis of the Howard County budget debate

Pushback (Village Green/Town Squared)

When the loudest voices are the negative ones, it’s easy to think that theirs is the prevailing point of view. The pushback on social media makes it clear that there are positive voices. A lot of them.

Re-Open Howard County and Their Praise for Racists (Spartan Considerations)

This week’s birthdays:

  • June 1st – Josh Benson (Howard County Dads)
  • June 2nd – Colleen Martin-Lauer, Faith Horowitz
  • June 3rd – Greg Fitchitt, Doug Lea, Liz Henzey, Ralph Moore
  • June 4th – Andre Lingham, Zhubin Parang
  • June 5th – Bita Dayhoff, Anne Klase
  • June 6th – Gary Hamer, Mike Elser, Delegate Jen Terrasa
  • June 7th – Gary Smith, Kerry Lenny

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