Elevated Voices eNewsletter, May 10, 2020

What’s Dividing the Progressive Movement? Housing – An Interview with Randy Shaw

In this interview, Candace and Tom talk with housing activist and author Randy Shaw about how progressive jurisdictions across the country are divided over the subject of housing. They discuss his new book, Generation Priced Out, and the generational divide that is exacerbating the high cost of housing.  Mr. Shaw also touches on some of the opportunities provided by the COVID-19 crisis to help restaurants thrive and provide more people-centric cities. You can listen here.

Three Things:

1) Pulitzer Prize Award Winners

2) Conspiracy and COVID-19

3) The right-wing lawsuit against Governor Hogan

The “Essential Moral Gesture” with Dan Porterfield, President & CEO of The Aspen Institute

In this episode, Candace and Tom interview Dan Porterfield, the President & CEO of The Aspen Institute about his career in higher education, his Baltimore roots, and where he believes we should be investing during this time of crisis. He also explains why he sees education as the “essential moral gesture” our society offers to its members and must be protected in times of limited resources. You can listen here.

Three Things:

1) Maryland schools close for the year

2) Loosening of restrictions under quarantine

3) Killing of Ahmaud Arbery

Next Show: May 19th with Wes Moore



Conspiracy theories run rampant when people feel helpless. Like now. (Washington Post)

The storm we can’t see: We haven’t even begun to grasp how much damage the pandemic will do (Washington Post)


Very few of Maryland’s coronavirus tests from South Korea have been used so far. Here’s why. (Washington Post)

State delegates, pastors and businesses file lawsuit against Hogan seeking to end coronavirus restrictions (Baltimore Sun)

Peter Schmuck: A fond farewell to arms (and bats) and the greatest sports fans in the world (Baltimore Sun)


Howard County announces rental relief, food assistance to help residents during coronavirus pandemic (Baltimore Sun)

Analysis of Howard County Board of Education Debates in Districts 4 & District 5 (HoCo Progress Report)

Happy 9th Blogoversary to Village Green/Town Squared!

Battles over school boundaries divide candidates for Montgomery County school board (Greater Greater Washington)

Delegate Eric Luedtke addresses objections to Montgomery County school boundary review (Thread Reader)


This week’s birthdays:

  • May 11th – Deanna Peel, Chuck Bubeck
  • May 12th – Greer Guzzone, Jeff Bronow
  • May 13th – Dhaval Shah (Happy 38th!)
  • May 17th – MAE BEALE!!!

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