Month: February 2020

Episode 88: “Baltimore Anew with TJ Smith”

In this interview, Candace and Tom had a chance to hear TJ Smith Baltimore’s plan for addressing crime in Baltimore, healing community trauma, and repair Baltimore’s image nationwide. Recent polling shows this race in a statistical tie with less than two month to go. Read More

Episode 87: “A Night in Annapolis with Del. Vaughn Stewart & Del. Maggie McIntosh”

Housing is the humanitarian issue of our time. Delegate Vaughn Stewart has made national news with his “Homes for All” package, which offers a three-pronged approach to the housing crisis: zoning, public housing, and tenant’s rights. During this interview, he explains why the state needs to step in over local rule, how zoning perpetuates segregation, and why he sees a pressing need to act now. Read More

Episode 86: “From Professor to Politician with F. Michael Higginbotham”

On the eve of the Special Election Primary, Candace and Tom sit down with law professor F. Michael Higginbotham to hear his case for serving in the U.S. Congress. They discuss his policy prescriptions for Baltimore and racial justice as well as the fundamental question of whether elected official is accessible to all who want to run. Read More