Episode 78 – 2019 Year in Review: With Candace Dodson Reed & Tom Coale

Year In Review IS UP! 2019 was … something! As with all years, there were ups and downs, highlights and lowlights, and a bunch of in between. In this episode, Candace and Tom discuss redistricting, County Council dynamics, changing leadership in Annapolis, and why Baltimore City’s farm team is ahead of the Baltimore Orioles.

Thank you to everyone who made 2019 Elevate’s best year yet, especially The Common KitchenCured / 18th & 21stDowntown ColumbiaDowntown Columbia Arts and Culture Commission, Roger Caplan, Anastasia MacDonald, Kerry Lenny, Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz, Elizabeth Mason Moses, Patti Wecker, Jamie Latham, our Writers, Sponsors, and each and every Elevator who supported us this year!

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