Month: November 2019

Episode 75: With Delegate Eric Luedtke

If you want to be able to talk Maryland politics over the next six months, you’re going to need to know something about the Kirwan Commission and the “Blueprint for Maryland’s Future”. We invited Delegate Eric Luedtke on the show to explain some of the lesser known elements of the bill and how the state may pay for such an ambitious plan.

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Episode 74: Equity in Education

This was an ambitious show, Elevators. On the eve of Howard County’s historic vote on school redistricting, we pulled in experts from across the region to discuss what we talk about when we talk about equity in education:

Dana Goldstein, New York Times Magazine
Michelle Burris, The Century Foundation
Alisa Drake, Wilde Lake High School Student

We hope this show sets the debate for the years ahead.

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Episode 73: With Howard Hughes Regional President Greg Fitchitt

This week, Candace and Tom sat down with Howard Hughes Regional President for Columbia Greg Fitchitt, who was kind enough to sub in after an unforeseen scheduling mishap with our original guest, Dr. Richard Warren.

This is a podcast for future-scapers.

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