Elevate Blog: May 20, 2019

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Our next episode will be recorded with Lawyers On The Rocks! We will miss our elevators, but stay tuned to listen once it airs. We’re recording on a Friday, so we’ll be expecting some #TellTheTruthFriday from Jeremy!

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, June 4th at 6:00 PM when we will be having Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski on the show! We’re also very excited to be hosting this show at State Fare in Catonsville, Maryland!


Episode 57: With Delegate Jessica Feldmark

May 16: Pod is up! Delegate Jessica Feldmark (D – District 12) is someone you should get to know. She’s conscientious, diligent, and courageous. We think that all shines through in this interview. You’ll also want to tune in to hear a more-spicy-than-normal 3 things covering Alabama’s abortion ban, school budget politics, and WJZ’s Mary Bubala.

Episode 56: With Howard County Executive Calvin Ball

April 30: Pod is up and oh is it good! Make sure to tune in for some “firsts”, including an account of how the bond rating agencies asked the County Executive about climate change, plans for making transit work in Howard County, and how the new administration intends to offer the public tools to hold them accountable.

Thoughts from one of our “Elevators” – Thanks Pravin!

“One of the best podcasts I have heard in a while. Tom Coale and Candace Dodson Reed had done very good research on the questions, they were well informed as always. What really stole the show was Howard County Executive Calvin Ball responses. It was great to see that he had a vision for HoCo, not only for the next 4 years but for generations to come. Loved his comment on giving every qualified person a chance to serve in public office if they wanted. It is good to see a elected official who can think big, effortlessly convey the vision to all, and connect with the people on the street.” – Pravin Ponnuri


Things to CELEBRATE:

  • We now have over 800 Elevators!
  • We’re now averaging over 1,000 unique downloads per month! Thank you for listening!
  • Congratulations to Candace for being elected to the Board of Trustees for the Downtown Columbia Arts and Culture Commission!


ELEVATE the Conversation:

10 thought-provoking pieces on current issues we care about, things happening in our community, and efforts our friends and guests are involved in:


ELEVATE Snapshots: 


Thanks to our Elevators who share their photos – we love these crowd photos, Steve Bolen and Julia McCready!



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