Episode 43: Bryan Sears of the Daily Record

In the aftermath of the 2018 general election, Candace and guest host Ian Kennedy (making his second appearance) discuss election results with the Daily Record’s Bryan Sears, and reflect on the size of the blue wave that descended on Howard County and the state.

Shout out to Columbia’s Lupa for hosting!

First, our thoughts go out to the victims of the recent shooting in Thousand Oaks, California. Something must be done to address this issue.

Three (no, one!) thing we’re thinking about:

  1. Big thanks to those who made the sacrifice to run for office. It’s incredibly difficult and incredibly important. Thanks also to many, many campaign volunteers who helped them along the way.  And and big shout out to some of the historic firsts in Howard County including the first African American County Executive (Calvin Ball), first State’s Attorney (Rich Gibson) and first Sheriff (Marcus Harris)…and the Board of Education has its first ever Asian American woman, Sabina Taj, a close friend of the podcast

Today’s Guest: Bryan Sears

This week we sit with Bryan Sears, who covers state politics with the Daily Record.

  • Thoughts and observations about early voting and what it bodes for the future
  • Look at some key races, including the Governor’s race, and why they broke the way they did
  • Rising stars in Maryland politics, including Sarah Elfritz
  • What to expect from Governor Hogan’s second term
  • Looking to 2022


Book: Bradford Jacobs’ Thimbleriggers: The Law v. Governor Marvin Mandel

Movie: Avengers Infinity War

Music: Jeff Lynn’s ELO concert

Unpopular benign opinion: Joe Flacco is not an elite quarterback (and Pizza Johns is the best meal.)

Podcasts: Elevate Maryland (of course); Mike O’Mara podcast; Face The Music: An ELO song podcast; Investigative Reporters and Editors; Hay Fraze; Thirty by Thirty

Best Meal: Pizza Johns in Middle River; Grumps for breakfast

Event you are looking forward to: Getting married in 9 days

How to elevate Maryland: Kinder political discourse – let’s learn how to disagree without menacing



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