Episode 11: Howard County Historical Society Executive Director Shawn Gladden

Thanks to Joe’s Place Deli for their always warm and friendly hospitality!

3 Things We’re Thinkin’ About

HoCo Confederate memorial

Courtney Watson running in 9B

Democrats Destroyed Baltimore?!?


Howard County Historical Society‘s Shawn Gladden

Confederate memorial, how it got there and where it’s going

Lost Cause revisionism

Robert E Lee

Howard Dragoons

Criticism of HoCo Historical Society’s marketing material

HoCo Historical Society’s programs

HoCo Historical Society’s Archive at HCPSS Miller Branch

HoCo Historical Society’s Museum in Main St District


Shawn’s Rapid Fire

Book – Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era

Movie – The Defenders

Music – Stony Hill [Explicit]

Most unpopular benign opinion – can’t stand current pop music

Podcast – Hard Core History

Meal – White Oak Tavern’s burger

Event – Main Street Music Festival

How Elevate Maryland – amiable political discourse



Merriweather Movie Night

Police Pace

Under The Harvest Moon

How To Build Grassroots Power

50th Birthday Interfaith Service at Chrysalis

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