Episode 4: Howard County Superintendent Dr. Michael Martirano

Thanks to Joe’s Place Deli for their always warm and friendly hospitality

Alabama Constitution still calls for segregation

Survivability of local journalism



Howard County School Superintendent (Doc) Michael Martirano

“It’s got to be our moral imperative as a county, as a state, as a nation to ensure that every child graduates”

Equal is not equity
10 tenants of equity 
Need a more robust early childhood program
Achievement gap starts at birth
Restorative practices so discipline isn’t punitive
Personalized learning
Social and emotional intelligence
Dual credit and dual enrollment with HCC
Career development
Geoffrey Canada

As a nation we spend $35k/yr to incarcerate while $11k/yr to educate


Doc’s Favorites

Dave Matthews
Steely Dan
Bee Gees
Greatest Father/Daughter Wedding Dance Medley (staring Doc)

Bruce Springsteen autobiography 
Option B – Sheryl Sandberg
Anything Melissa McCarthy
The Boss
Real Housewives of Atlanta
Trattoria at both Kings Contrivance / Dorsey Hall



Wine in the Woods
Preakness Balloon Festival
Education Town Hall
Leadership Howard Graduation and Awards with awards going to Brian Walter – Distinguished Alumni, Ilana Bittner – Unsung Hero, Earl and Mary Armiger – Leadership Legacy.

Shout out to all graduates!

Go Retrievers!


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